D&D Beyond

I’ve been using D&D Beyond to track my 5th edition characters for the last several sessions, rather than the old school paper and pencil character sheets, and it’s thoroughly good.

In fact, I’ve used that website for character creation for the last two randomly rolled characters… my late human druid and my current tiefling cleric, Velza. It keeps track of everything and saves a lot of time in looking up spell details, rolling bonuses and if it’s one or two d8’s needed for Sacred Flame at 5th level. There’s a shot of my current character sheet below.

Yes, I currently have 1HP. Got absolutely flattened by a froghemoth and was stabilized by a party member.

We just need to play more often! It’s been a couple months, now, and I’m really itching to sit down to a small role playing marathon.

Tool … now streaming!

Ahhh, just saw the news that Tool is putting their entire catalog on Apple Music. That’s awesome. I haven’t listened to them in ages because my CDs are who knows where, up in the attic or something, and up until now they haven’t made their way onto any streaming platform. This is great.

I used to listen to Tool in the middle of the night, staying up late to work on art projects in college. That takes me back, man.

Pocket Operator

Here we go, current WANT of the moment … one of these badass little Pocket Operators from the audio wizards at teenage engineering. You can see below what these little sequencers are capable of. I really dig the PO-20 arcade. It’s got those fun 8-bit bleeps and bloops and features a chord progression engine. Check out CUCKOO’s video and see how easy it is to slam out some beats in mere moments.

Just sick. And it’s like $60! I want one.


It was around 11:30 in the evening when I finally reached the perfect balance of drunk and tired to sit on the couch with a keyboard in my lap and start writing. My wife had gone to bed nearly two hours earlier after downing three Advil PM and half a can of ginger ale. She said she didn’t feel well, but that didn’t surprise me, she’s almost always tired these days.

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