It was around 11:30 in the evening when I finally reached the perfect balance of drunk and tired to sit on the couch with a keyboard in my lap and start writing. My wife had gone to bed nearly two hours earlier after downing three Advil PM and half a can of ginger ale. She said she didn’t feel well, but that didn’t surprise me, she’s almost always tired these days.

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Fu Master Productivity Checklist

I love Things3. It’s the backbone of my daily productivity, from recurring tasks like household chores to multi-step projects.

Vince Coley and his lovely website Productivity with a Purpose is a great place to learn all about the Getting Things Done method, and particularly how he uses Things3 to automate and classify every task in your life. I greatly enjoyed this recent post on how he uses this ubiquitous app to do just that.

Spreading the gospel

Found this neat little games shop while on vacation in Ocean City, NJ. I was looking at the D&D miniatures when this lady approached me and asked if I played. We had a great conversation about how to get started playing and how much fun it is when you can just let your guard down and really sink into your character. I hope she get into it!

Plus, they had this full-size 40K space marine standup, which was awesome. I should have taken some more pictures of the minatures they had set up.


This is Pete, a stray cat we rescued about 10 months ago. He doesn’t quite let us pet him, and might not ever, but I think he has an appreciation for letting him stay with us. And at least he’s our other cat’s bestie.