About Jacob Haas

Where I'd like to be just about anytime ever.

Welcome to a simple, tiny slice of the internet carved out to jot down the thoughts and musings of one Jacob W. Haas.

While not drumming up some sort of direct response marketing design or doodling on  random sheets of his coworkers’ post-it notes (one of the middle ones, so it takes a while to find) I like to write. Short stories, journal posts, the beginnings and middles of ideas, and I’m working on the endings.

After nearly 20 years of working professionally in the creative field, I still wake up every morning excited about my job. I wear a lot of hats from day to day … graphic designer, web designer, creative director, marketing consultant, tech reviewer and blogger, to name a few.

If I could describe the best part about what I do in a few words, it would be this: I solve problems.Visually and conceptually.

Good design, if done correctly, is transparent and should appear effortless. A simple and approachable solution. That’s what I do.