RIP: Cash App Coffee Boost

I sure do love me a deal, when I can find it, and there wasn’t a better thing going than the Cash App Coffee Boost. Note the past tense.

The Collection

In that moment of profound clarity, I realized there were only two options. I could allow things to go on as they always had or I could burn the house to ground, with her in it. The choice was obvious.

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Crowdfunding caveats

In receiving review offers for The Gadgeteer, one type of item that comes up almost every week (or more) are truly wireless stereo earbuds. Everyone’s got their own little spin on the same tune. And sometimes, they’re not even out of prototyping, like these Reecho earbuds that I got to test, and rip into in… Continue reading Crowdfunding caveats

Of course…

Aaaaand Epstein offs himself. After being removed from suicide watch just days ago. After previous self harm before that. Can’t we just get one win? Just one?! Lot of rich pedos breathing a big ol’ sigh of relief right about now. Unless. You know. He’s a billionaire. And all he had to do was punch… Continue reading Of course…

Current Podcast Diet: August 2019

I have a decently long commute, and am able to work with headphones in most of the day, so most of my media consumption is podcasts and music. Here’s what I’ve been putting in my ears lately…

D&D Beyond

I’ve been using D&D Beyond to track my 5th edition characters for the last several sessions, rather than the old school paper and pencil character sheets, and it’s thoroughly good. In fact, I’ve used that website for character creation for the last two randomly rolled characters… my late human druid and my current tiefling cleric,… Continue reading D&D Beyond

Tool … now streaming!

Ahhh, just saw the news that Tool is putting their entire catalog on Apple Music. That’s awesome. I haven’t listened to them in ages because my CDs are who knows where, up in the attic or something, and up until now they haven’t made their way onto any streaming platform. This is great. I used… Continue reading Tool … now streaming!

Mystery box

KontrolFreek, maker of gaming accessories such as controller grips, thumbsticks and other performance enhancers, sent me a mystery box full of fun stuff. I get to play editorial influencer for a day! Read on at The Gadgeteer.

The Lighthouse

This looks incredible. Directed by Robert Eggers of The Witch, which (heh) I really liked.