Starting Over

I was quite an avid blogger at some point. I suppose it was around the time that blog sites were starting to become a thing. WordPress and Movable Type were still pretty new. To have your own little space on the internet during a time when not literally everyone and their cat had a MySpace or Facebook page… there was an air of exclusivity to it. Because it was still difficult to get everything set up and pointing in the right direction.You sort of had to know what you were doing. And it was crazy fun starting from a Photoshop template and developing CSS that looked more or less exactly like it. So I had my own little website that I kept updated.

Not that I had any sort of following. Most of the time, those words seemed to be cast out into the ether. But there was an excitement in knowing that perhaps someone would stumble across them and I’d connect with that stranger over vast time and distance.

Perhaps I’m just waxing nostalgic, but I thought it was time to give it another try, and start to jot down some thoughts once again. Just in case someone’s out there.

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By Jake

Reader, writer, designer, creative director. He does web work, print work, and dream work. Heavy advocate of self-care. Updates his blog much less often that he should.

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