Current Podcast Diet: August 2019

I have a decently long commute, and am able to work with headphones in most of the day, so most of my media consumption is podcasts and music. Here’s what I’ve been putting in my ears lately…

Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know

It’s sort of like the dark side of Stuff You Should Know, STDWYTK focuses on conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries and the sinister underbelly of true life events. I’ve been working my way through their back catalog, downloading episode titles that caught my eye like “Do Angels Have a Language” and “The Disturbing World of Incels.”


Over 200 episodes in, this classic video game and media podcast focuses on a specific series or cultural touchstone, usually a fond memory from my childhood. One episode could be about the enigmatic Swordquest on the Atari 2600, a game I remember playing but never being able to figure out, and the next week the crew will be talking about The Simpsons arcade game. It’s pure nostalgia.

Minor Adventures with Topher Grace

Featuring star of That 70’s Show and most recently BlacKKKlansman, Topher Grace invites an unsuspecting friend to embark on a mini-adventure, like officiating a wedding with Zachary Levi or running an auction with Tig Notaro. It’s masterfully edited and fun to listen to people I respect for acting or comedy try their hand at something completely foreign.

The Empty Bowl

Believe it or not, this podcast is all about cereal and meditation. Cereal enthusiasts Justin McElroy (of My Brother, My Brother and Me, The Adventure Zone, Monster Factory and like a million other things) and Dan Goubert, have a frank, calm conversation about the cereals they like. I, myself, love me some cereal. I could eat it for every meal, I think, if it wouldn’t be so bad for you to do so. It’s a very chill time.

By Jake

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