RIP: Cash App Coffee Boost

I sure do love me a deal, when I can find it, and there wasn’t a better thing going than the Cash App Coffee Boost. Note the past tense.

Essentially, by using your Cash app card anywhere that sells coffee as a primary beverage, like the Dunkin’ Donuts conveniently located on my way to work, the coffee boost would take off $1 on every order. Since I usually just grab a large dark roast, it would nearly cut my purchase in half.

Things were great! I would load up my Cash balance through my connected bank account every once in a while and use that debit card in the drive through.

But Cash just made a huge change to that boost, putting it behind a literal pay wall. Now, in order to activate that Boost, you have to use your Cash app payment 5 times, and then you can add that Coffee boost to your card to use 5 times. And then you have to go through the process all over again.

Hard pass. From all the comments I’ve been seeing on Reddit and other places, a good number of other deal-hunters feel the same way.

Some enterprising individuals have been using that card to add funds to their Amazon account, which will be used to pay for items they’ll order, anyway. But for me, it was good while it lasted.

By Jake

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