Analogue Pocket

Official want of the day, even though it won’t be out until sometime in 2020… the Analogue Pocket.

Think of a Game Boy Pocket, only with a backlit, 3.5″ screen with 10x the resolution and a rechargeable battery. The slot on the back can accommodate any original Game Boy, Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance cartridge. Plus you can attach it to an optional HDMI port to play on your TV. It’s main purpose is to extend the playability of old, classic handheld games.

And since I have an Everdrive GB flash cart, but only a non-backlit Game Boy Color to use it with, I’m pretty interested in snatching up one of these to use with that cart when it becomes available next year, even at $199. Looks slick as hell.

This reminded me of the existence of Panic’s Play Date, which also looks pretty amazing. Next year’s going to be a great year for handheld gaming.

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