Everyone’s been saying the same thing. I’ve never seen a year like this. I’ve never seen the country so divided. This is so weird and stressful and I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I don’t know, either. I just did my mail-in ballot a couple weeks ago and now I’ll just sit back and wait for the news to roll in. It’s early afternoon on Election Day and nobody will know if we have to endure another four long years of constantly — constantly — hearing about this racist asshole. What he tweeted, what he said, what outrageous thing just happened today.

And the people who are thoroughly entrenched in his cult, that want another civil war and were too lazy to come up with a different reason than the first time around.

I just want things to go back to when politics was boring, and I didn’t even know what the president was up to for weeks on end, and there weren’t big trucks driving around with flags bearing the president’s name when it isn’t even an election year.

That’s not fucking normal.

A year from now I want all those cheap, Chinese-made flags to be nothing but tattered strings hanging off those obnoxious trucks like a flaccid reminder that, no, you can’t just install yourself as god-king emperor and do whatever your want.

I want all those bumper stickers to fade in the sun, but still remain just visible enough I can know that you were in favor of — or at least okay with — the idea that white supremacists are fine people.

And I want accountability back on the menu. I want people only losing their jobs because they deserve to, not because they didn’t kowtow to some colossal jerkoff for fear of retaliation.

Maybe this is all too much to ask for after four years of blatant, obvious obstruction and corruption. But I’m really, really tired. And I don’t think we can do this anymore.

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