Pocket Operator

Here we go, current WANT of the moment … one of these badass little Pocket Operators from the audio wizards at teenage engineering. You can see below what these little sequencers are capable of. I really dig the PO-20 arcade. It’s got those fun 8-bit bleeps and bloops and features a chord progression engine. Check… Continue reading Pocket Operator


After growing tired of the slowness of my Apple Watch Series 2, I decided to eBay that thing and just get a big, sturdy, cool-looking watch. So I picked up a G-Shock GA 100-1A1 Military Series to wear pretty much all the time.

Back to WordPress

I made the leap back into WordPress territory to power this site. It’s been a grip since I’ve used WordPress for my own purposes, so it’s going to be interesting to see what’s changed. I’ll be making some updates soon and hopefully switch over from this vanilla theme.

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Studio Neat Canopy Keyboard Cover and iPad Stand

When I moved to the larger screen of the 12.9″ iPad Pro several months ago, I did so with the full intention of using it as my primary computer. For me, that meant at least trying to embrace the iPad in its purest form by using its software keyboard exclusively.

But as a long-time touch typist, coupled with the amount of writing I was doing on the new device, it didn’t take long for me to look into a physical keyboard. As if on cue, a new product arrived for preorder on Studio Neat’s website that caught my eye, the Canopy Keyboard Cover.

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